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Etang de Planchon, Carp Fishing in France News Feeds

Welcome to Etang de Planchon, Carp Fishing in France news Feeds.

News Feeds for Etang de Planchon, your Carp fishing in France holiday venue, will happen on a regular basis and will include certain information from our News Letters and articles of interest about the Carp Fishing Holiday Venue, Carp lake progress, Carp lake improvements, fishing bait, fishing equipment and the surrounding area.

As you now know, getting to the main article is as simple as clicking on the News Feed title, to navigate back to the website you have the options of clicking the back button at the top of the web page, clicking on a link on the breadcrumb trail, clicking on another option from the menu or using the back button on your Keyboard.

If you have any comments about The News Feeds or if there is anything you would like to see within them in the future, then please feel free to contact us.

In the run up to the opening in March 2011, we will update you on progress of the improvements on the lake.  We will publish timelines of what we plan to do and by when.

Re-stocking of the carp Fishing in France lake will be with quality carp that have never been caught, when we do this we will publish their exact sizes.  Photos of the Carp will be uploaded at the same time to the gallery pages.

Once the Carp lake is open, we will publish an account of how the lake is fishing on a monthly basis and any lake records that are broken and by whom.

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We hope you enjoy the News Feeds for Etang de Planchon.

Choose Etang de Planchon as your Carp Fishing in France holiday and venue.